About us

Lizzy's Pocket Change Ministry where we are 'give cheerfully and changing lives.'

We are a ministry striving to help and love on people within our community, city and much more.  Our ministry wants to make an impact in others lives by being the hands and feet of Jesus. 

We help with:

                       Feeding the homeless 

                       Preparing bags 


                       and so much more.....

Carla 'Lizzy' Hanna is the founder of Lizzy's Pocket Change Ministry.  It was laid upon her heart as a little girl, as far back as she can rember, to help those in need. She began giving her change that she had in her pockets ( pennies, quarters, etc) and some of her favorite snack to those in need. No matter where she went school, the store, park, wherever; Lizzy would be lead to try and help someone. She has a really big heart! It is filled with joy when she is able to help love on people, with the love of God. 
In 2021 at the age of 13 Lizzy, wanted to make it official. She did! She turned her love for others, for giving and making a difference, into a non-profit organization. Yes, that's right that means she is only 14 years old, a student, musician and athlete. She saves and set aside some of her money each month to ensure that she will be able to give and help the homeless or anyone who is struggling. 

Jesus said, "....You shall love your neighbor as yourself."-Matthew 22:39

Lizzy's heart is that YOU would join her and help make a major impact on communities around the world.